What’s Included in the Program

Designed for children aged 3 to 9, this unique at-home learning program provides structured Montessori-inspired activities to nourish the Mind, Heart, Health, and Soul of your child.

Weekly Activities

Conveniently accessible at home or on-the-go.

Expert Guidance

Guidance & support from professional Montessori educators PLUS monthly webinars from a range of parenting and childhood experts.

Growing Library

Members maintain access to all activities. Revisit your favourites as often as you like!

Fits Your Lifestyle

Short & flexible learning activities to effortlessly supplement your home learning schedule.

HomeGrown helps parents like you gain the skills you need to raise confident, successful children. Connect with your child through Montessori-inspired activities that allow you to...

  • Follow your child’s natural interests
  • Prepare ‘yes’ spaces in your home
  • Encourage your child’s independence
  • Respond to your child’s developmental needs
  • Increase emotional connectedness

Who is HomeGrown for?

  • Busy parents
  • Families seeking genuine connection with their children
  • Parents who have one or more children under 10
  • Families with children who struggle to conform and march to their own beat
  • Parents seeking multi-dimensional activities that support their children's education, social emotional growth, and independence
  • Families looking to form strong emotional bonds

"Letting go of perfect is my new HomeGrown mantra... My kids lead the activities from where we listen to when we are done. I'm a better mom when I stop and we start!"

~ Candace Seon, Montessori Mom

Who We Are

Founded in 1996 by Isabelle Kunicki and Sandra Bosnar-Dale, The Clover School is an accredited Montessori school in Toronto, Canada. Serving children 18 months through 14 years, Clover is heart-centred Montessori with a unique signature curriculum designed to meet the needs of contemporary childhood. We provide a loving and nurturing learning environment and forward-thinking, reflexive Montessori programming with an emphasis on authenticity, creativity, evolution, and growth.

We’ve spent the last 25 years delivering impactful, progressive education to thousands of children. During this time there’s been one question we’ve been asked by countless families:

What can I do to bring Montessori home? 

We hear you, and we’re here for you.

Our Team

Sandra Bosnar-Dale & Isabelle Kunicki
Sandra Bosnar-Dale & Isabelle Kunicki (she/her)


Sandra and Isabelle have spent over two decades serving thousands of families as A.M.I certified Montessori educators. They are co-founders of The Clover School, where they developed their own approach to heart-centred Montessori programming that inspires creative, curious, resilient and innovative thinkers to lead with heart, and realize their limitless potential through a lifelong journey of learning. Their signature curriculum combines Montessori essentials with heart-centred learning practices designed to nurture the mind, heart, health, and soul of each child. As thought leaders in the alternative educational movement, Isabelle and Sandra pride themselves in helping families around the world make a commitment to child-centred, active learning, fostering good citizenship, kindness and leadership, and modelling wellness.

Lindsay Brown (she/her)

Lead Educator

Lindsay is a passionate educator. She has worked in Montessori schools for 7+ years and holds two Montessori teaching diplomas. She trained for her elementary (6-12) diploma in Bergamo, Italy at the Fondazione Centro Internazionale Studi Montessoriani (FICSM) in 2014, before moving to san Diego to receive her primary (3-6) diploma at the Montessori Institute of San Diego. She has worked with children of all ages and loves to share her Montessori knowledge with families and children. Lindsay has a degree in fine art from the Ontario College of Art and Design University in Toronto. She has seen how children of all ages love to express themselves creatively, and loves creating art based activities to inspire young learners.

Alexandra Yustin (she/her)

Lead Educator

Alexandra is a dedicated and enthusiastic educator. She has worked in both the Montessori and the public education sector in Ontario for the past 8 years. She received her Montessori Early Childhood Educator diploma (MACTE) in 2016 through the Newborough Teacher Training Institute in Toronto, while teaching Casa (children aged 2.5 – 6). Alexandra holds a Master of Education from Yorkville University, along with a Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Psychology and a Bachelor of Education in Primary/Junior education from Brock University. Alexandra loved guiding children through the Montessori program and decided to pursue teaching Special Education using her Montessori background. She watched children with Autism, Down Syndrome and other special needs begin to learn to read and write while working with the physical materials of the Montessori program. Alexandra’s goal is to show families around the world how to free their children’s potential using Montessori methods.

The HomeGrown format is more user-friendly than what I've previously used to access Montessori resources. The content in the first month is fantastic!

~Abbi Nicol, Montessori Mom

Let's get growing!